This document is a comprehensive guide for Powerloom stakeholders — partners, ecosystem members, creators, and community members engaging with the Powerloom brand. It is designed to ensure consistency and coherence in the representation of our brand across different platforms and regions. This guide focuses exclusively on using Powerloom's brand identity, including trademarks and logos. When you use any Powerloom trademarks or logos, you acknowledge Powerloom's ownership of these marks. You also agree that using these marks contributes positively to Powerloom's brand value.

It's important to remember that this usage is a responsibility that should align with legal and ethical standards. In case of any misuse of Powerloom's trademarks or logos, especially concerning unlawful or unethical activities, Powerloom reserves the right to revoke your license to use these marks. If such a revocation occurs, you must immediately discontinue using Powerloom's trademarks and logos.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help maintain the strength and consistency of Powerloom's brand identity.

Brand Guidelines Book

Brand Guidelines.pdf

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